confessions of a millennial drama queen

millenial jargon wordplay; a conceptual poem;
in ficticious response to olivia gatwood’s “manic pixie dream girl”

the modern day fuckboy says yoooooo have u heard the new drake songg 

the modern day fuckboy says let me slide into your DMs real quick

lemme put Netflix on for you and smile while you listen to the new taylor swift album

cut you off while neglecting your point of view

watch me smile as soon as you forgive me

and believe my excuses on why i didn’t text u back earlier 

hear that? that’s the sound of u becoming more like a Kardashian

i’m gonna stick a painting of a cannabis leaf on your beige wall without your permission and you’re gonna cry about it 

and as a vegan you thought you loved plants

see me? encouraging you to take risks? 

the modern day fuckboy wants you to do something you’ve never done before

like go bar-hopping, or reading a book

you wanna know my name?

you’ll never get to call me by it anyway,

actually don’t bother calling me at all,

i’ll just hit u up when i feel like it

if i had to guess, your favourite movie is mean girls,

and you’re named after a dead actress your mother loved as a child

but this isn’t about me

this is about you, and your student loans

your Pinterest board

your older ex boyfriends

your pair of white keds

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