the bookkeeper

we don’t talk enough about growing up

the crew prefers to hang onto our childhoods

buy video games, make-believe for a living

make a shitty design for a living

what is culture

what is cinematography

ok, let’s pretend to make a living, do drugs to make a living,

do drugs to make art, make art to do drugs,

i pity you fools

with the buckets of leniency against our fallacies

they don’t tell you your youth comes at a price

they keep it in the books

and the bookkeeper says it’s closing hours

we all think we know better

we all say we’ll do better

i’m doing better than i ever was

truth is we don’t talk enough about growing up

or how to grow old


they don’t teach you about values aligning


starcrossed stories make for better stories

they’re wrong

he says he’s doing better

which to him is the only thing that matters

this is the only poetry that matters

straight splashed against a neon pink lava lamp

album art

you’re the only thing that ever mattered


but that’s how our gilead works nowadays

we water em and we breed em like we want em

and we stamp em off, one-way ticket

he says it’s convenient because they work together

and the person you have outgrown

adjusts his throne in the skies over neverland

because your wings have been strapped back

snares the way he snores

five more minutes

five more minutes

but already far along that magic carpet ride

Aladdin is on the tip of the iceberg with his head down

and you’re certain who he’s walking to

so you reel back your youth in time

you scream of no regrets

this is the opposite of apathy

this is the only apathy that matters

we’re the masters of interactive operating systems

facades are interactive operating systems

as is holding a grudge

the bookkeeper will keep books of this

in her library, she’s literate

and if this is the way you want to operate

and if this is the system i’ll be interacting with

then let us serve ourselves wholeheartedly

and why shouldn’t we?

self-serving creatures of the light

darkness will always prevail

are you willing to go through the struggle with me?

let his mistaken happiness be the light

let him

this is survival of the fittest

and you are the only survivor that matters

let the survivors speak

a report of the truth and reconciliation of canada










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