in a society where the butter on its citizens’ bread equates to liquid money, we can only ask ourselves how long our fitbits should tick until it calculates for us the km’s it’s gonna cost us to find enlightenment.

and isn’t that what we all crave for, enlightenment?

in light of recent events, this does not seem to be the case.

we have women who hustle harder than ever, only to find the power they achieve and exert unto others are the same as the men in suits with wired sockets blowing up when a business deal fails, when it becomes a game of prey and predator, when the lemons of life cannot be squeezed into liquid form, but lest we forget your queen b lemonade stand can always benefit from a developer programming an e commerce store for you,

because with paypal and stripe we can transfer liquid money as easy as liquid honey. because the issue of money isn’t an issue in our society today, because we thrive on digital money, where the bread and butter for our oh so beloved selves and, if lucky enough, maybe even for those who demonstrate all the unconditional love in the world to you, because that’s when you know it’s real.

where does one run to when a person you have given shelter to skins you alive, salt n’ pepper-sprays you into the rain,

what do you do when he throws you into the pit of your lemonade stand?

acidity burns, let me tell you, pit of the lemonade stand, pit of the fire, pit of the fucking fire, acidity fucking burns, man,

and so does that fire, the kind that put out as easily as you were able to turn 180, man, got you sprung, man…

and into the digital we go, the cycle of liquid honey cranks its engines and soon enough, he’ll be throwing you over your lemonade stand as quickly as your wired copper wirings snap before you–

how’s this liquid enlightenment tasting for you?